As industry leaders, we’ve forged strong partnerships across every vertical in hospitality, providing direct access to the best hotel acquisition opportunities in the U.S. Our robust team analyzes over 200 opportunities annually and filters out the majority according to strict criteria before presenting to our investment committee for review.


General requirements include:

A quality brand with a strong reservation system (i.e. Hilton, Marriott)

Locations in strong national markets or unique areas with high barriers to entry

Development sites with the potential to build strong hotel assets from the ground up

A stable asset with solid cash flow that still shows promise for improvement



We have earned preferred buyer status with most industry brokers thanks to our combination of: agility, track record, brand and financing relationships, balance sheet backing, and affiliated management company expertise


This allows us to win close bids, close quickly and secure more favorable deal terms. Our financing partners include:



Our sister management company works alongside us throughout the due diligence and transition process to ensure seamless operational analysis and takeover. The company’s primary philosophy is to maximize Net Operating Income for each asset by balancing customer service, integrity, employee relations and careful, in-depth reviews of each individual market to create effective operating and capital strategies.


The underwriting metrics are carefully fine-tuned during this process to ensure maximum accuracy prior to syndicating.


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We offer the opportunity to co-invest at our same acquisition price with a minimum US$50,000 investment, an entry amount previously unseen in the Commercial Real Estate Private Equity world. We retain a minimum of 10% ownership in each deal and have a tiered incentive structure to ensure 100% alignment with our investors.  


Investors receive annual dividends paid quarterly, subject to the asset's performance, targeting the following:


  • An average yearly distribution of 7-10%, paid quarterly, over the hold period

  • Projected IRR to the SPE LP Investor, net of all fees and promotes, of approximately 15%


With over 600 active investors and counting, we have a powerful technology platform manned by our dedicated in-house Investor Management Team, making each investment an easy and seamless process.

New Development


Our mission is to achieve exponential growth by inviting accredited investors to participate alongside us in every hotel we acquire, allowing us to recycle our capital quickly while facilitating curated deal by deal offerings at extremely low entry points so that investors can build their own institutional portfolios.


“This is the future of Commercial Real Estate investing and we are proud to be at the forefront with you.”

Carlos Rodriguez, Jr - Chief Operating Officer