EB-5 Investments

The United States Congress created the EB-5 Visa Program in 1990 to stimulate job creation. By linking U.S. businesses, which are able to create new jobs, with foreign investors who can provide capital that are in need of a U.S visa, the government created a “win-win-win” program.


Capital Investment Requirement

The minimum investment required to qualify for EB-5 status is $500,000

Employment Creation Requirements

The business in which you invest must generate at least 10 new jobs per investor


Investor subscribes to EB-5 qualified project, deposits required $500,000 and pays administrative fee. Investor’s immigration attorney prepares and files I-526 petition to USCIS.

Month 1-24

USCIS reviews I-526 Petition. If petition is accepted, investor receives a conditional Green Card for 2 years. If petition is denied,$500,000 is returned to investor.

Year 2-4

Approved investor, spouse and all unmarried children under the age of 21 can live, work and travel anywhere in the U.S. and abroad without restrictions with conditional Green Card, which is valid for 2 years.

Year 4

90 days prior to expiration of conditional Green Card, attorney files I-829 petition to remove conditions based on job creation confirmation.

Year 5

Investor is returned the $500,000 at risk investment, or maintains an equity position with generous returns.

EB-5 Models


Replaces a portion of developer’s equity

Typically, IRR’s range between 8% to 10%

No specific term, 5 to 10 year average hold


Replaces portion of construction loan

Annual interest payment of 1%

5-year term

EB-5 Team

Regional center with more than 200 approvals in the past 2 years

DAD’s lawyers (Arnstein and Lehr) have more than 120 years of experience, and have represented over 200 EB-5 projects

DAD’s fiduciary agent (NES Financial) has monitored more than 400 successful EB-5 projects

DAD’s job creation is calculated by Wright Johnson, the leading economic impact study company recognized by USCIS

Hilton Canopy Tempe

Development Cost:
$60 million

Projected IRR for EB-5 investors:
8.5% a year

Hilton Tru Home2

Development Cost:
$49.4 million

Projected IRR for EB-5 investors:
8.5% a year

Hilton Canopy West Palm Beach

Development cost:
$51 million

Projected IRR for EB-5 investors:
9% a year

Marriott Residence Inn

Development Cost:
$22 million

Projected IRR for EB-5 investors:
9% a year

Holiday Inn Express Orlando Airport Florida

DAD Purchase Price: US$8.95 million DAD Renovation Amount: US$2.2 million Capitalization Rate: 11.2% Purchase Date: December 2015 Projected IRR: 16.4% PProjected Average Annual Dividend: 12.3% Projected Hold Period: 5 years

Springhill Suites Marriott Altamonte Florida

DAD Purchase Price: US$6.75 million Total Cost per Room: US$87,000 Capitalization Rate: 10.1% Purchase Date: December 2015 Projected IRR: 16.4% Projected Average Annual Dividend: 14.3% Projected Hold Period: 5 years

Hilton Cocoa Beach Florida

DAD Purchase Price: US$52.385 million Capitalization Rate: 10% Total Cost Per Key: US$188,000 Full Service Hotel Average Development Cost: US$334,900 Purchase Date: May 2016 Projected XIRR: 22.7% Projected Average Annual Dividend: 16%

International Palms Cocoa Beach

DAD Purchase Price: US$25 million Total Cost per Room: US$52,000 Capitalization Rate: 16.1 % Purchase Date: October 2016 Projected IRR: 27.5% Projected Average Annual Dividend: 24.6% Projected Hold Period: 10 years

Hilton Saratoga Springs

DAD Purchase Price: US$27.5 million Original Listing Price by Brokerage Firm: US$36 million Capitalization Rate: 13% Purchase Date: February 2016 Projected XIRR: 16.1% Projected Average Annual Dividend: 12.5% Projected Hold Period: 5 years

Sheraton Salt Lake City1

DAD Purchase Price: US$49.17 million Total Cost per Room: US$135,800 Capitalization Rate: 9.6% Purchase Date: August 2016 Projected IRR: 15.3% Projected Average Annual Dividend: 13.4% Projected Hold Period: 5 years
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