We are Hospitality experts and recognized industry leaders with a stellar track record.

Over 30 years of experience in ownership, development, acquisitions, and management of more than 150 hotels nationwide.

Our Story

After years of sourcing, investing, and managing hotels for Institutional Funds like HIG, Silverpeak, Apollo, Carlyle, Fidelity, and Lehman Brothers, we have crafted the perfect vehicle for Accredited Investors to join us directly. And we’ve found a little hospitality can go a long way, here’s what makes us special:

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$1 BILLION in assets

operated in theUSA

4,500 employeesto provide the best service in hospitality management

of experience

Our Model

We have flipped the traditional investment model on its head to deliver you high-yielding, institutional-quality hotel investment opportunities on a one-off basis with all of the time, security, transparency and service you deserve. Unlike other funds or investment platforms, we put our money where our mouth is and invest our capital first. Here’s how it works:

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We find and purchase great cash-flowing hotels we like, across the country, with our own capital.

We then offer you the opportunity to co-invest with us for the same price we paid for the hotel.

Our interests are 100% aligned with yours as we invest alongside and profit most after you?ve?made at least a 10% internal rate of return.

Our deals, our platform,
100%, no middleman.

Our Hotels

We own and operate a diverse group of hotels across the country which helps us source and analyze quality deals in every market. We choose hotels with recognizable brand names to maximize quality, occupancy, and returns while ensuring continual value and stability. We are one of the select groups permitted to own and operate under these brand names as franchisees. As a result, we have a great working relationship with these companies and are often recognized by them for our achievements. Here are some of our Hotel Flags:

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Our Promise

We will strive to provide the safest cash flow investments in the Hospitality Industry. We take speculation out of the equation and optimize returns through effective asset and operational management.

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  • Minimum 8% dividends day 1
  • Paid quarterly
  • Expected IRR?s of over 15%
  • Minimum investment $100,000
  • Curated institutional grade deals
  • Best brands in the world
  • Strong operating history
  • In-place cash flow
  • Top hotel management
  • Asset management service for investors
  • Direct investor relations interface
  • Online tracking, document management, and distributions
  • Unchanging investment parameters
  • You pick the hotel of your preference
  • Customize your own hotel portfolio
  • We provide over 5 opportunities each year

Hilton Tampa

Total acquisition cost: US$81,900,000
Purchase date:Dec 2012
Selling price:US$101,500,000
Selling date:May 2016
Net IRR for investors:29.0%

Doubletree Columbus

Total acquisition cost: US$15,700,000
Purchase date:Nov 2012
Selling price:US$19,000,000
Selling date:Aug 2016
Net IRR for investors:39.2%

Sheraton Houston

Total acquisition cost: US$47,900,000
Purchase date:Sep 2012
Selling price:US$70,000,000
Selling date:Feb 2016
Net IRR for investors:30.1%

Doubletree Hotel Houston Airport

Total acquisition cost: US$29,200,000
Purchase date:Nov 2005
Selling price:US$42,000,000
Selling date:Jul 2008
Net IRR for investors:52.0%

Doubletree by Hilton Raleigh-Durham Airport

Total acquisition cost: US$26,700,000
Purchase date:May 2012
Selling price:US$33,000,000
Selling date:May 2015
Net IRR for investors:22.05%

Doubletree Wilmington

Total acquisition cost: US$18,200,000
Purchase date:Sep 2011
Selling price:US$23,525,000
Selling date:Mar 2014
Net IRR for investors:36.4%

Crowne Plaza Denver

Total acquisition cost: US$44,440,000
Purchase date:Jun 2006
Selling price:US$77,250,000
Selling date:May 2015
Net IRR for investors:17.7%

Hyatt Summerfield Suites Portfolio

Total acquisition cost: US$81,300,000
Purchase date:Mar 2006
Selling price:US$109,000,000
Selling date:Jul 2008
Net IRR for investors:58.3%

Courtyard Richmond Airport

Total acquisition cost: US$12,940,000
Purchase date:May 2005
Selling price:US$19,100,000
Selling date:Dec 2007
Net IRR for investors:26.6%

Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk

Total acquisition cost: US$30,700,000
Purchase date:Dec 2004
Selling price:US$45,600,000
Selling date:Sep 2007
Net IRR for investors:41.6%

Hampton Inn and Suites Doral

Development cost: US$9,200,000
Purchase date:Mar 2000
Selling price:US$14,500,000
Selling date:May 2006
Net IRR for investors:22.8%

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